The Best Senior Self Defense Tips – The Top Ten

It’s one of the most natural feelings in the world. The key is to be aware of what you fear and why you fear it. Then use your fear to move you forward. It’s a sure way to start facing your fear and overcome what holds you back.

Ear slap. With your fingers tightly closed and slightly cupped, slap both hands sideways atop both of the attacker’s ears simultaneously as hard as possible. The resulting popping or ringing sensation will give you a few seconds to do a knee-to-groin kick or to break free.

I yelled at him and told him “don’t stop or I will ride in to you. A second later Kelly said “I hear something and its getting louder” I said ” I hear it to and it sounds like a train”.

Most colleges do very well in protecting the student body but when you think about it there is normally a few thousand students and maybe 100 security guards trying to protect everyone. For the most part this works very well but year after year there is a large amount of crimes committed on campus. These include robbery, sexual assault, and harassment just to name a few. The chances of a crime happening to your child are not huge but the risk is always there.

Everyone in your party should carry a personal alarm for women. They are inexpensive and can be carried in your hand, in your pocket or even clipped to your belt. Make sure that you instruct everyone what to do when they hear the alarm go off.

Think of how it was when you went to college or high school. If you were lucky, your classes were close to each other. If you were like me, each class was in a different building, scattered all over the campus, usually on the top floor. The library was never next to the dorm…

If your daughter is on a date and the guy tries something that she’s not happy with, a camouflaged pepper spray such as a lipstick or a pager will do the trick. These items look just like the real McCoy. He’ll never know what hit him until he’s on his knees coughing and wheezing. Then she should set off her personal alarm to attract attention, run away and call 911.

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The Best Senior Self Defense Tips – The Top Ten

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