Questions An Immigration Lawyer Should Answer For His Client

Do you own a small business? If so, good for you! But, by now, you have probably run into some sticky issues which may have required the attention of a good business lawyer. Being a small company owner can bring with it some mighty big headaches but with the right kind of expert help, those headaches can subside quickly.

Owners of small companies often run into situations their larger corporate owners don’t. Partly because corporate issues can be handled with greater ease since the owner has an attorney working for them from the get go. Many issues are prevented before they even take root. But you, Mr. Small Business Owner, probably may only seek to hire an attorney if you get into trouble. Many times, by then, it’s too late and could even cost you everything.

When this happens it is a two step process. First you have to apply for a visa to stay as an immigrant, and then you have to apply to have your immigrant visa changed to permanent resident status.

Our forefathers didn’t have any London immigration solicitors problems either. They were all immigrants, but then they came here on ships across the ocean, not by sneaking across the border, Sort of a process of natural selection I guess. If you could make it across the rough oceans on one of those leaky ships, immigration services weren’t about to send you back. My Grandmother came here on a tramp steamer lasting for fourteen days on bread and water. Someone stole all her belongings and provisions. She was thirteen at the time and lived in the US as a naturalized citizen until she passed at the age of 96. I’m really glad she made the trip.

I strongly feel that immigrants should speak English and should be happy to improve it by attending language courses. Even better, if they were to study English before coming over, like I did. It is not right, when my own Polish people come over without even basic language skills and desire to learn the language as soon as possible. Any visit to e.g. a doctor, a dentist or a council immediately requires help of a professional translator, paid for by the tax payers. The same principle applies to other nations. Money spent on translations could be used to improve education system or health care.

Any person who is considering taking out a loan against their 401k to pay off credit card debt or medical debt should first meet with a local bankruptcy attorney. As a general rule, borrowing against your 401k is a stupid idea because the potential tax consequences if you default on the loan.

We need not to apply for Visa through Vietnam Embassy now days. We have to complete the application form and it is very simple and easy to do this. After completing form we have to pay the fee. They will send us the pre approved letter which is having a code for picking up the Vietnam visa at the airport. To apply for Visa, some information is required such as full name which is in passport, date of birth, sex- male or female, passport number, nationality departure date, arrival flight number and arrival date. To Vietnam Immigration Department, this information will be send and the letter of visit will be issued upon our arrival. The scan copy or fax will be sent on our email address. With this letter we will be allowed to board at our arrival to Vietnam making our visit more enjoyable.

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Questions An Immigration Lawyer Should Answer For His Client

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