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Summer in Maine conjures up pictures of kids splashing through the water, cool lemonade on a hot day, and barbecues with family and friends. And of course family includes both those with two feet and those with four. With the pure, fresh air of the outdoors in Maine and the picturesque beauty of the wilderness it is no wonder that as the days get warmer people flock to the woods to escape the demands of everyday life. And when you want to include your canine companion in your travel plans the question of where to go always pops up.

Impounded in 1944, Lake Texoma has seen water run over its spillway three times. The first was in 1957, the second and perhaps the most memorable was in May of 1990, when the lake reached the highest pool of record at 644.76 feet. The third time was less than two years ago in July of 2007.

Moose are most active during the early morning and early evening. Moose are most likely to be spotted in the months of May, June, September, October, and December.

Catskills regions is made up of a numerous hiking trails like the Catskills scenic trail which is around 19 mile long through the region. The Northern Regions online login also has a lot of nature trails around the lake. You need to carry the necessary equipment required for the trail.

Health – Generally healthy, with the exception of possible hip dysplasia and vision problems. The more white the dog has, the more likely the odds of hearing and/or vision problems.

Maine State Parks are also an option for those with pets. Dogs must be on a four foot leash and supervised at all times. The only exception is Sebago Lake State Park, which does not allow dogs. They are never allowed on state beaches. Sandy Point in Stockton Springs offers several miles of wooded trails and miles of beach to walk. Seals are frequently seen sunning on the rocks and an occasional porpoise is seen breaking the water. The area is also home to several osprey nests and a local pair of bald eagles are often seen fishing just off the shore. Other frequent visitors include moose, fox, and bobcat, and a beaver has made its’ home on the Amazon Stream. This area also has several historic sites and an abundance of wildlife.

This is just the second finals appearance for the Blue Devils, who last reached the finals in 1990. They lost to Richford in that game. This is the first season since 1995 when Poultney reached the Final Four.

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